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Sister Salmaah talks about her unexpected turn - where her sickness became the best thing that happened to her, brought her closer to Allah and lead her to starting her journey with the Niqab


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A sister from Sri Lanka shares her beautiful story on how she started wearing her Niqab. "I tell you until now, I have never regretted my choice but I'm always satisfied with what I choose for my self." Continue reading this lovely story together with some truly inspirational tips for future Niqabis.

A beautiful story on how a sister started her journey of wearing the Niqab and how much it has changed her, even beyond what she expected.
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 From hating the concept of Hijab, how a sister found her peace and closeness to Allah in wearing it

 Sister Tawhida's story: 'For some, it was just a Niqab. For me it was a reminder to skip the pleasures of this world, because Jannah is just far more tempting.'

Sister Ayesha's amazing story of how she came to wear the Niqab- and how she found her peace and self-respect in it

 Sister Raudah's story of how she started wearing the Hijab and how blessed she feels now
A Muslimah's journey from being a non-Hijabi to a Hijabis- and finally a Niqabi

A glimpse into the life of a Muslimah- the freedom of being a Niqabi


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  2. Salam alaikum, alhumdulilah I'm 25 yrs old (almost 26) married with 2 children alhumdulilah I have been a muslimah and wore hijab since I turned 17 (although I wanted to convert since 13 and semi-practised since 15) but when I was 19 I had the biggest urge to wear niqaab it wasn't through any khaleeji fascination ( I am half Arab anyway) it was purely and this isn't me trying to be generous to myself but I was getting hit on a lot!!!! Like it was rediculous I'm talking non Muslims fascinated by me. I started studying and didn't have my licence so on the train walking home all this non muslim and muslim men I am white skinned blue eyed which alhumdulilah is they way I was made but it warrants unwanted attention, I wanted to wear niqaab for privacy reasons leave me and my face alone type of thing. Anyway I never put it on although when I was 21 in Dubai I was in like a $2 type shop and I was drawn to buy a niqaab I put it on at home but still never wore it.

    I covered my face once just to protect it from a hot summer sun and an old lady smiled at me I smiled back and realised she couldn't see it. I wanted her to see that smile to know us muslim women are nice lol.

    Anyway alhumdulilah my husband and I are really trying be the best possible we can be I'm really wanting to wear niqaab again this time though for hijab reasons but I have hesitations like sometimes as I'm white my uncovered face invites people to talk to me ( which I hate as I'm quite anti social lol) but they ask me if I was born muslim and all that jaZz and it helps me to talk nice about islam and maybe let this person know something about islam they never did.
    Can u ask on a personal note when travelling do u wait for a female to check your passport? Or if you get a male attendant do you request a woman to come out?
    If your praying in a public place does wearing your niqaab make your prayer invalid?
    And I've heard that some women don't wear it in front of some men like brother in law and stuff. When I'm in Egypt this is like the house we live in it is family upstairs and downstairs I would have to wear it 24/7 cause me brother in laws come in and out ( they are still in school so live downstairs)like the homes are always open I'm a bit western though I lock my door lol even my husband has to knock haha
    Also I only saw 1 woman in my husbands village wear it it is not common there but eevery girl wears hijab and I don't want wearing the niqaab to be a political thing as Egypt is like treating politics like religion and the country is soooo divided about what is the right way to be. Really I don't know how my hisbamd would feel once he said it would be ok if I did but I don't think he would think it be necessary in front of his bro's the young ones as I always have to be there to help his mum in her house and mashallah it's a very close family ....... Ok long rant I'm sorry it kind of went nowhere but Inshallah u understand what I'm asking I'm on an iPhone and its irritating me. *samra*

    1. Wa'alaykum salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu! Jazakallah khair for your comment.
      For your first question as to whether we request for a female to check our passport or ID cards, if there are any females around, we do request, but if there are no females around, then the male attendant does check.
      As to whether a the prayer of a woman is valid if she offers her Salah with the Niqab, there's a slight different in opinion. According to a Fatwa "A woman does not need to pray with her face veiled, and it is disliked. If a woman fears that she will be peeped at by strange onlookers, then she should keep her face covered.". You can read the rest of it here
      Brother-in-laws are not our Mahrams, so we have to uncover our faces in their presence sis. Maintaining the proper Hijaab in their presence is extremely important and this has explained in the following Hadith:
      Rasulullah sallalahu alaihi wasallam said, '(Alhamwu al-mawt) Brother-in-law is death.'
      I know it might be difficult, particularly if you'll live in the same house, but at least make sure you cover your face when they come in. It's a sacrifice on your part, and Allah will surely reward you for it, In Sha Allah!
      And about wearing the Niqab in your country sis, I think it's best to ignore the politic viewpoint there and consider the fact that if you wear the Niqab for the sake of Allah, He will protect you :)
      I hope I have answered your questions clearly sis. If not, do ask us anything else :)

    2. Alhumdulilah you did sister may Allah bless you for your patience and taking the time to answer me.

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  4. Assalma Leikum., I work for a private limited company, where my working hours is around 10 hours. While i make it a point to finish my zohar namaz, I invariably miss my Asar.,Can I make this up during Magrib? Also by the time I reach my local mosque near my house it's almost Isha time., sometimes I join Isha prayeers and sometime I miss it....Is there any way I can make up for this? Due to my health reason I find it difficult to join the Taraweeh held after Isha due to its length,I understand it's optional to be a part of it., but some how I feel incomplete without being part of the prayers. Can I sit and listen to to the Taraweeh prayers? is that ok? Pl let me know....