Friday, December 20, 2013



I'm Raudhah and I have been a Hijabi for 5 months. Before I wore the Hijab, I was contemplating on whether I should wear the Hijab because of a few factors.
  1. How society would look at me.
  2. How I wouldn't be able to wear headbands or braid my hair or show the world that I just did my hair.
  3. How I would have to wear modest clothes and take care of my behaviour.

I really wanted to wear the Hijab but I was scared.
I began getting dreams about the Hijab. I dreamt that I was picking out the Hijab to wear and such.
Whenever I went out without wearing the Hijab, my heart started getting uneasy and I was not calm at all. I really pondered and pondered.

Finally, after asking for advice from my mum, Alhamdulillah I plucked up the courage to wear a shawl out. Everyone praised me for wearing the Hijab and encouraged me. I thank The Almighty for surrounding me with people who are very supportive.

Whenever I wear the Hijab now I feel really free. I don't fear non-mahram man looking at my body. I feel safe and protected. Masyallah :) And Allah helped me too. My wardrobe was full of tight fitting clothes. However, after I wore the Hijab, other Hijabis began giving clothes to me and Alhamdulillah Allah gave me rezeki to buy clothes that a Hijabi should wear.

I feel blessed as a Muslim. I hope this story inspires other females who are contemplating on whether or not they should wear the Hijab.

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  1. very nice story,Masha Allah sis,im proud of u,May Allah give all of us courage to wear hijab ,and for men may they also do the hijab of eyes.
    Mufti menk said"when Prophet Adam n Eve did one haram thing,eaten forbidden fruit,the cloths were taken away from them,they get naked,Now a days if you are showing body,there is some where haram in our lives,for which we need to seek Allah's Forgiveness,indeed he is Forgiving "