Sunday, February 3, 2013


Money can buy many, many material things for us, but it can never buy dignity, respect or honour. My Niqab is my modesty, and in it lies my dignity because in wearing my Niqab, I’m dignifying myself and my body. No man will ever be seduced by a woman who refuses to expose her beauty and no man will ever try and exploit a woman who is covered up.

In my Niqab lies my respect because the best kind of respect comes when you respect your own self and it is only when you respect yourself, that people will start respecting you.

In my Niqab lies my honour as a Muslimah, and it shows that I don’t bow down to the demands of this world nor to fashion: I only bow down to my Lord and only strive to attain His Pleasure, not the pleasure of this short-lived world.

My Niqab is my dignity, my respect and my honour and I will never ever trade it for this temporary world. I would never dream of removing my Niqab for all the attention of this world, for money, beauty or transient love. Money can never buy me pride, nor can any worldly attention make me feel dignified and most importantly, exposing my beauty can never gain for me any honour.

I know that my Niqab will get for me Allah’s attention, innumerable rewards from Him, and the supreme Love of Allah, the Ever-Loving. All Niqabis are beautiful, because when they choose to cover up for Allah, they naturally become beautiful. And although this beauty is not seen by the world, it is most definitely felt by each and every person, whether they accept it or not.