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BesmillAllah AlRahman AlRaheem,

Assalamu alikom :)

Hijab was a 'must' for me before all my friends, I was young and knew very little about Islam. The thought of wearing Hijab while ALL the girls I knew at the time weren't, was something I couldn't consider. My younger sister wore Hijab just about two years after that, it wasn't really easy being compared to her, which made me hate the concept of Hijab even more.

At the age of seventeen, summer break, my aunt gave me a book called 'Minaret', author: Leila Aboulela. The only reason I actually read that book was because I had nothing better to do but AlhamdolilAllah I read that book, it made me see Hijab in a whole new perspective. I had only one thing in common with the main character of the book, 'The destructive boyfriend'.

I was dating a Christian guy whom I thought was my prince charming. I loved him blindly. He loved my long hair and skinny jeans and Hijab to him was a punishment from god, IstagfarAllah, he made me believe the same.

My bestfriend on the other hand, supported me 100%. Whenever I backed down on the idea, he kept reminding me that Hijab is one of the greatest ways a Muslim girl can please Allah.

It took months for me to actually get the courage to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to wear Hijab and just as I'd expected his reaction would be, he hated the idea and threatened to leave me.

I started putting my scarf on infront of him, but whenever he asked I'd explain that I'm just trying it on, he'll either ignore what I said or just take it off. I wasn't really into Islam at the time, I had NO clue what to do- it was either lose him or lose my hijab.

I talked to one of my Hijabi friends, who told me that the only way out was to ask Allah for guidance. AlhamdolilAllah I have her in my life to help me in the right way whenever I need her to.

After so much duaa and attending Islamic talks, I finally knew what was the next step in my life.

I broke up with my boyfriend and officially became a hijabi :)

Wearing Hijab makes me feel comfortable, protected and most importantly happy, because I'm doing something for the sake of Allah. It feels like I'm superwoman but instead of wearing a cape on my shoulders, I've got it wrapped around my head.

I always used to tell myself that I need to change and improve my Islam to wear Hijab, but I know now that it's my hijab that changed me, from both the inside and outside.

I've been a hijabi for almost two years now AlhamdolilAllah.

Reaching this stage in my life was something I never would've imagined myself achieving, but with sincere duaa nothing is impossible.

Sisters, remember that this dunya is only a deception. We need to set our priorities straight. Give up this temporary life for Allah's ever lasting Jannah. May we all be from the people of Jannah, Ammeen <3

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  1. Allahumma barik ..
    Jazkallahu khairan for sharing

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    # trade the temporary dunya for the everlasting akhirah
    jannah blisss....

    May Allah keep us all steadfast Aameen