Sunday, November 9, 2014


1- Do you bath with your Niqab? 

No really, we do get this question a lot.
Besides being a major face-palm moment, the answer is no; we have a bath like all human beings do.
Some also assume that Niqabis have the Niqab on all round the clock too. We wear the Niqab only when we’re out of our homes or in the presence of any men other than our immediate family. 

2- Oooooh, here comes a Darthvader! 

Oh, we get that a lot!! From being called Death Eaters, Darth Vader, Ninja, Osama Bin Laden’s wife and in some instances, mothers use our mere presence to try and terrorize their children into submissiveness (poor kids, we love you!) and they expect us to be terrified…

… but we are not. Most of the time, when we do come across such pleasant behaviour, our expressions tend to be more like this:

Try something new people, we are bored!

3-  Niqabis are dominated by their men and live like caveman

Ahhh, the age-old allegation against the Niqab. Everyone “assumes’ that the men in our lives forced the Niqab on us. That the men in our lives dictate how we live, the men in our lives force us to live like slaves, yada, yada, yada…. We even had people asking us if we were using the internet without our fathers knowing! Seriously, people!

And no matter how many time we Niqabis scream ourselves hoarse saying that the Niqab is OUR choice, nothing in our lives is forced on us; we work if we want too, we study is we want too, we choose who we want to get married too, we wear what we want too, people conveniently ignore us and think themselves clever in assuming that we are oppressed and live like the Croods, er, cavemen….And as for us Niqabis not being able to use technology, well, you wouldn’t have all these Niqabi blogs and Twitter accounts if we were not allowed to use technology, right? Honestly, my father has a hard time prying me away from the computer most of time. 

But certain folks go far as to say: “Ah but you are not a woman, you are a maniac man masquerading as a woman and tweeting about the Niqab because you want the women to be subservient to you…”
Clever, real clever… 

4- Niqabis are restricted, oppressed and are not permitted to have fun

Au Contraire my friend... we do have fun, LOTS of fun! The only thing is we have fun with only those who are close us instead of random people… Our Niqab is and never will be a barrier for us having fun!

5- If you have a question ask. We don't bite! 

Niqabis are very nice people so if you have a doubt about the Niqab or Islam in general, ask us instead of happily assuming. We’ve had a lot of tweets about how people say that Niqabis are unapproachable because we’re covered.  It's just an extra bit of clothing people, I've not built a brick wall around me! Le sigh.....

* This is a guest post from my sister and as a side note, all the GIFs used are not depicting Niqabis in any way, but just used to lighten up the post. (She had a really hard time getting the appropriate GIFs by the way)


  1. Hahaha, i'm not a niqabi but seriously ppl, start using your brain before it gets rusted...they're human beings not aliens

  2. When I first wore Hijab / Niqab I felt peace, warmth of blessing and closer to Allah. When ignorant people ask me 'why are you doing this?", I point to there clothes and reiterate the exact same question. I made commitment to God to Niqab and if I am judged alone and God is my only judge I need not explain wearing Niqab to anybody other than myself. Your blog and tweets are inspirational.

  3. Niqab is religous article of clothing?

  4. It's true! No matter how much we try to tell it like it is.......they still decide out of their Vast Experience In Our Lives that we're brainwashed or desperate. Like you said. Clever, very clever!