Thursday, September 12, 2013


GUEST POST : Sister Ayesha's amazing Niqab story:

I started wearing Niqab when I was 16 years old. In the beginning, my parents were very happy.When I decided, by the Grace of Almighty Allah, to observe Niqab (Pardha) from all non-mahrams in my family as well, my whole family- parents,uncle & aunts suddenly turned against me.They tried to convince me that it is very difficult, and you can’t become a doctor & no one would like to marry you.

I like to mention here that I live in Islamic country. My aunts thought that I did it just to stay away from the family.But Allhamdullilah, Allah gave me courage to stand against all these hardships. Still my family has the same thinking about my Niqab but I don’t care. I only care about Who gave me hope when everyone left me. 

I got engaged 2 years back. But my in-laws keep on humiliating my Niqab. I keep quite but Allhamdullilah, I decided to end up this proposal for Sake Of Allah. Allhamdullilah, I am doctor now. I graduated from top merit university of Pakistan. I must say that I am not hardworking, but it just possible because of Allah’s Mercy. 

Allhamdullilah, now has been 9 years and I must say it's a great blessing indeed! It's a pride of a Muslim woman.
I like to share this that whenever I get stuck in a difficult situation, and I feel like it's difficult to face people, I offer 2 rakats Salat e Hajat, and Allhamdullilah everything settles down.

I also like to mention here that in my medical school, one of my professors insulted me in front of the entire class just because of my Niqab. On many occasions in my med school, I faced humiliation but these hardships strengthen your Eman.

My family still asks me why I can’t leave my Niqab for few months so that I could get married & then follow it. But I simply refused. I have strong Faith every thing will be fine one day, Inshallah.

May Allah help us in every difficulty of life & strengthen our Eman. We are here in this world for a test of our faith. In this world, it's not only all about blessings but also hardships which are just a test of our faith & we'll get rewarded in Jannah, InshAllah :) 

In short, what matters for a Muslim is Allah. If we have a strong a bond with Allah, this temporary world & its hardship doesn't matter at all :)

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  1. I live in Pakistan and yes the aunts are very difficult to handle. Dont know why relatives in Pakistan tell you "You won't get married" because of your niqab or because of any religious inclinations you have.
    When people say things like that, just smile nod and walk away. Continue your struggle for Allah!
    May Allah help you sister :)

  2. Inspiring story.... I also found it odd that ur parents told u that u cant get married with ur niqab. Im amazed at how u handle such embarrassing scenarios like the one in ur med sch with such maturity. In sh allah i hope ill be able to overcome the same obstacles as well. It teaches us smth good and better ourselves. :-)

  3. I don't live in Pakistan, but I am Pakistani. When I began to wear hijab all my family in Pakistan would mock me and call me 'shareef'. All my dad's friends shunned me and to today still treat me like an outcast. And this is only hijab. I always find it funny how Pakistan was a country made for the Muslims yet anyone who dares to practice Islam is treated as uneducated, unadvanced and 'strict'. I do frequently feel as though this is why the Ummah is currently suffering so greatly. We sold our Eman and bought the Dunya.

  4. Assalamualaikum sister Ayesha!
    I shared your amazing story on Instagram. And most of my insta followers had sent Beautiful Duas and positive feedback to you