Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's good to see a World Hijab Day, and it's good to see so many Muslims (and non-muslims) supporting this day. Although I'd rather there be no single or specific day to support the rights of Hijabi women all around the world, I must say that keeping out at least one day from the calendar for supporting Muslim women's right is to be lauded, particularly with all the hatred and prejudice that we Muslims have to suffer at the hands of Islamaphobes. 

We Muslim women wear the Hijab-both because it's a command and obligation upon us and also because we want to wear it and because we love wearing it. This in itself should be a sufficient reason for the Hijab haters to let us and our Hijab be, but no. They wouldn't rest until they see us taking our Hijabs off. But know this- We Muslim women in the Hijab wouldn't rest until we wear the Hijab without any harassment or abuse. You can try all you can to deprive us of our rights to wear the Hijab but we will not give in. We will fight for our Hijab, our need to wear it and our rights to observe it. Whatever you call our Hijab- be it oppression, subjugation, male-domination or whatever other baseless reasons you put forward to support your blatant attacks on the Hijab, you can never, ever take away our love for the Hijab and our pride in wearing it. 

Dear Hijab haters: It's not the Hijab that has oppressed us- it's your hatred towards it, your efforts in banning it and the abuse we Hijabis have to suffer at the hands of Islamaphobes that has oppressed us. Our Hijab hasn't cut us away from the world, it's you who have. Imposing bans, fines, prison sentences all for the crime of wearing an extra bit of cloth? How can you ever term as something oppression by judging it by merely a cloth on the head? Listen here: We Muslims are NOT oppressed by the Hijab. We are only liberated by it. If you have an ounce of consideration for the rights of women, please let us and our Hijab be.

Dear Hijabis: Be proud of yourself. You're doing what Allah has asked you to do. Don't let those Hijab haters get the better of you. Let them throw whatever insults they want at you- bear it patiently, for Allah with you. Even if the entire nation gets together to harm you with something, they wouldn't be able to do it without the leave of Allah and if Allah wants to protect you, even the whole nation cannot lay so much as a finger on you. You're wearing the Hijab because Allah has asked you to, so Allah WILL protect you from all sides. Have faith in Him. When Allah is with you, no one can harm you. 

So let us all stand together on this day, the World Hijab Day and always to stand up for our Hijab- our obligation, our rights, our liberation and our pride. Let us stand together and show the world that we WANT to wear the Hijab and all the attacks put forward by the Hijab haters is NOT going to deter us from our willingness to do what Allah want us to do. Let's show the world that we are all proud Hijabis and let us stand tall and proud as modest Islamic women fulfilling the command ordained by Allah. Now, go show the world that you are a Hijabi!

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  1. You are absolutely right! Hijab is our honor which can not be snatched so easily from us. We won't let them do this to us. Insha'Allah.