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A sister from Sri Lanka, who preferred to remain anonymous, shares her beautiful story on how she started wearing her Niqab. "I tell you until now, I have never regretted my choice but I'm always satisfied with what I choose for my self." Continue reading this lovely story together with some truly inspirational tips for future Niqabis.
I come from a middle class Srilankan muslim family, so obviously I have been brought up in an Islamic background with proper guidance as how to live according to teachings of Prophet Muhammad (sal) and obey Almighty Allah (swt). In matters of clothing, food, manners, it was all Islamic. But Niqab was not a part of our life. In fact it used to be seen as a thing destined only for high class people.
From my experience and observation I could tell that niqab is very common in Colombo and Kandy (two leading towns in Srilanka). But as for me, I come from a place not so fond of niqab. And it isn't something you can do just because you want to; you're going to have so many problems and inquiries. Niqab isn't part of the people's life in my area and if I still choose to cover, I would be singled out.
These were the dilemmas I had at the time. I thought over and over. I just loved it from the bottom of the heart. In fact, I schooled in one of the towns I mentioned, where niqab was very common and most of my friends wore. I was inspired, but couldn't figure out if I should proceed with my desire or shouldn't.
I consulted my parents and brothers at the beginning of every year but the reply was a definite "NO". Everyone had a reason to deny me the opportunity. They thought it might cause problems, I might find it difficult physically and many more. Even if I somehow manage to get past them, I had my immediate family questioning me. So it was one of the very troubled times I had in life.
But two years back, on a Ramadan, I made my decision that I was going to cover, prayed Isthihara and asked Almighty to grant me that which is better for me and I started wearing. الحمدلله it all worked perfectly fine.
Though my parents didn't like it fully, they didn't object. They were worried I might get into trouble when I travel, meet people, etc. But wallahi, I tell you until now, I have never regretted my choice but I'm always satisfied with what I choose for my self.
I tell you, Sri Lanka is a great country, May Allah (swt) keep it blessed forever. So far, I have not come across any oppression. Non Muslims though not very fond of it, didn't have any problem seeing me wear it, all praise is to Almighty.
As for those who are in a dilemma whether or not to wear the niqab:
  1. Pray Isthihara and ask Almighty who has knowledge over the seen and the unseen, to grant you the sense to make the right decision ahead and plead Him to shower His Rahmath and Barakath on it. Intention counts, so we should proceed ahead only with the intention of pleasing Him and gain merits.
  2. Consult the righteous slaves of Allah (swt). Parents are very concerned about our wellbeing and may not allow in the beginning, thinking that this would be a hindrance. But explain to them humbly that you are capable of managing. 
  3. Be persistent in your decision. People may try to pull you down but stay confident upon your decision. You're doing it for the sake of Allah (swt). What can be any better than a good deed done to gain His pleasure? 
  4. If people start calling you nicknames, just don't mind it. It isn't worth minding; you have got better things to do.
Is niqab a barrier to education?
Definitely no! People have a stereotyping that niqab is an oppression, but from my personal experience, I am totally against that. I would tell "Niqab liberates". Because when you cover, you aren't known for your beauty but for your intellect. That's more important, isn't it?
And there comes the matter of security. Yes, I am concerned about my security as much as everyone else. When the need arises to show our face as a means of identification to officers in charge, I would tell it's ok to abide by the law.
الحمد لله I am Proud to be a Niqabi.
Believe in Allah (swt)and trust in His decisions- better things will start treading in your life. Doing things for the sake of Him and leaving some things for His sake will definitely bring success in your life.
With love,
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