Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I don't know what I would do without my favourite Niqab - the same one I've been wearing for years now. Yes I know, it seems Eww-ish but you know, when you get attached to something, it's rather hard to pull yourself away. But mind you, I wash my Niqab very often so there's nothing too Eww-ish about it after all (I guess?)
Anyway, my favourite Niqab can also turn out to make me look like an utterly goofy Niqabi sometimes, particularly seeing as I am a bespectabled Niqabi. What's the big deal with that, you may ask? Well honestly, there's no big deal. It's actually a small deal that I'm trying to make a big deal of so I have something to write about :D
Here's the small deal:

The Misting
I know, I know, 'The Misting' sounds so mysterious but here's the issue. When wearing the spectacles over the Niqab (or in my case, the Niqab over the spectacles - I'll come to that), when I breathe heavily, it starts misting all over my glasses. So I try to wipe my glasses from the front and then slither my fingers under my spectacles, careful not to pull or push my Niqab, and by the time my fingers actually make it this far, voila! the mist would already have disappeared. 
So all in all, the misting isn't that big a deal at all. It lasts for what- 5 seconds? See how small a deal this is?

Niqab over the specs or vice versa?
I wear my spectacles first and then tie my Niqab over that. It's far easier than what my mother does. She gets all ready, waiting for the vehicle to come and when it finally does and all of us have gone past the door, she frantically starts searching for her Niqab (much to the annoyance of my father) and then haphazardly pushes her spectacles through the tiny slit of her Niqab. The final effect? A lop sided Niqab and an equally lop sided pair of glasses. My mother never learns.
So take my advice here. Always, always wear your Niqab over your spectacles. And make sure your Niqab has a wide slit so it wouldn't be too tight. Then, position your Niqab correctly and tie it. That's it. The Niqab tutorial!!!

The Niqab-Spectacle Shower
What if you happen to be a bespectacled Niqabi out in the rain and the rain starts hitting your glasses, making everything blurry? Well obviously there is no windshield for spectacles (hang on a second, I'll Google that)
OH MY GOD, THEY ACTUALLY HAVE THAT! Check this out guys, it's called the Wiper Glasses
So if you wouldn't mind looking silly with these, then buy it. Otherwise, you could, of course, simply take off your spectacles in the rain. You can't see clearly with all the rain anyway so might as well just be un-spectacled for a little... 
This small issue is faced by non-Niqabis as well so it all comes down to this - it's really no big issue at all.
I've been wearing spectacles since I was twelve and I started wearing my Niqab one year after that. So being a bespectacled Niqabi for a good 10-odd years, I think that's all the woes I can really think of. Any bespectacled Niqabis out there, can you think of any more?
So what am I getting at with this post? Wearing spectacles with the Niqab isn't any more difficult that wearing spectacles without the Niqab. It's actually really easy and honestly, I'm kind of glad to be wearing it with my Niqab because, ummmm, it's swag yo.... :D

*       *        *

I hope you enjoyed this post In sha Allah. Just thought of writing something a bit different on the blog for a change. If you want to have a good laugh, go read this LOL-worthy post by my sister. It has some awesome GIFs as well so do check it out- 5 Things You Need To Know About Niqabis
And if there are any bespectacled Niqabis who find it annoying to wear specs with the Niqab, just want to tell you that if it's difficult, Allah knows what you're going through. If He forgives our sins for a small thorn prick, do you think He is not going to reward you for your difficulty, even if it's a small one. So this small deal can actually be a big deal for us on the Day of Judgement In sha Allah when we see the rewards for it :) See, this post might be worth it after all!
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  1. I loved this. I'm a niqabi as well, but I don't have a favorite niqab ❤ Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm not a niqabi....yet but I use to have the same issues with my specs when I worked out side they would get all misty and when it rained killed me. My favorite thing to use for misting is no fog cloths. They are AMAZING! And for rain I use rain-x on my specs. It makes the water drop downward and doesn't cause blurry vision. ��

    1. That sounds cool mashaAllah! Might actually come in handy for Niqabis :)

  3. Nice blog. Mine gets misty even when I speak in Naqab. What do I do?

  4. Ah yes, that happens to me too. But the mist only lasts for a few seconds right? Alhamdulillah, it's warm where I live so the mist disappears pretty fast 😊