Sunday, November 27, 2016


Let me tell you of someone who is better than your best friend

Those moment when we feel depressed, often for reasons we can't properly explain even, we yearn to talk to someone about how we feel. In those times we feel so low that we desperately want to talk to anyone, anyone who will listen, we forget that we have someone with us all the time, the All Hearing, the One who hears us all the time.

We pour our hearts out to people who hardly pay any attention to us, or even if they do, they will never understand us completely. They may judge us, consider us to be stupid even, but yet, in our desperation to just talk, we are willing to speak our thoughts out to people, forgetting that there is someone out there who understands you so totally because He is the One who created you.

We have a deep secret in our hearts that we don't want to tell anyone but to just get it out of our chest, we confide in people who will sometimes even betray our secrets, forgetting that there is someone out there with whom your secrets are totally safe.

We seek ways out of our problems that we are willing to ask help from people, forgetting that the one who put us in that situation is the only One who can get us out of it. Forgetting that the entire heavens and the earth function by His will and for Him to bring us out of our problem, all it takes is a simple word - "Be" and it is.

We get depressed because we have no sister, no mother, no friend, no family with whom we can talk to freely about - our fears, our wishes, our thoughts, even the most random ones... But you know what? Even if you forget it, there is always someone out there who is watching out for you. The only One who takes care of you and looks after you, even while you are asleep. Your Lord, the Most Compassionate, the most Understanding.

Pour your heart out to Him. Tell Him your secrets. Tell Him what your afraid of. Tell Him about what you want. Tell Him anything and everything. Because He just as we love to be heard, He loves to listen to us. He is the best friend you can ever have. The One who totally understands. The One who knows you inside out. The One who looks after you in those times when you don't look after your own self. Your Lord, the Most Gentle, the Most Kind. The One who is so, so close to you. The One who hears every ache in your heart. Every unsaid feeling. Everything.
So what's there to hide from Him? Feel free to talk to Him. And when you do so, feel yourself tearing free of the shackles of this world, your soul rejoicing in confiding with Allah - the One who created you.

Allah hears. Allah knows. Allah understands.

"And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein"
Quran 50:16


Tuesday, November 15, 2016


A sister from Sri Lanka, who preferred to remain anonymous, shares her beautiful story on how she started wearing her Niqab. "I tell you until now, I have never regretted my choice but I'm always satisfied with what I choose for my self." Continue reading this lovely story together with some truly inspirational tips for future Niqabis.
I come from a middle class Srilankan muslim family, so obviously I have been brought up in an Islamic background with proper guidance as how to live according to teachings of Prophet Muhammad (sal) and obey Almighty Allah (swt). In matters of clothing, food, manners, it was all Islamic. But Niqab was not a part of our life. In fact it used to be seen as a thing destined only for high class people.
From my experience and observation I could tell that niqab is very common in Colombo and Kandy (two leading towns in Srilanka). But as for me, I come from a place not so fond of niqab. And it isn't something you can do just because you want to; you're going to have so many problems and inquiries. Niqab isn't part of the people's life in my area and if I still choose to cover, I would be singled out.
These were the dilemmas I had at the time. I thought over and over. I just loved it from the bottom of the heart. In fact, I schooled in one of the towns I mentioned, where niqab was very common and most of my friends wore. I was inspired, but couldn't figure out if I should proceed with my desire or shouldn't.
I consulted my parents and brothers at the beginning of every year but the reply was a definite "NO". Everyone had a reason to deny me the opportunity. They thought it might cause problems, I might find it difficult physically and many more. Even if I somehow manage to get past them, I had my immediate family questioning me. So it was one of the very troubled times I had in life.
But two years back, on a Ramadan, I made my decision that I was going to cover, prayed Isthihara and asked Almighty to grant me that which is better for me and I started wearing. الحمدلله it all worked perfectly fine.
Though my parents didn't like it fully, they didn't object. They were worried I might get into trouble when I travel, meet people, etc. But wallahi, I tell you until now, I have never regretted my choice but I'm always satisfied with what I choose for my self.
I tell you, Sri Lanka is a great country, May Allah (swt) keep it blessed forever. So far, I have not come across any oppression. Non Muslims though not very fond of it, didn't have any problem seeing me wear it, all praise is to Almighty.
As for those who are in a dilemma whether or not to wear the niqab:
  1. Pray Isthihara and ask Almighty who has knowledge over the seen and the unseen, to grant you the sense to make the right decision ahead and plead Him to shower His Rahmath and Barakath on it. Intention counts, so we should proceed ahead only with the intention of pleasing Him and gain merits.
  2. Consult the righteous slaves of Allah (swt). Parents are very concerned about our wellbeing and may not allow in the beginning, thinking that this would be a hindrance. But explain to them humbly that you are capable of managing. 
  3. Be persistent in your decision. People may try to pull you down but stay confident upon your decision. You're doing it for the sake of Allah (swt). What can be any better than a good deed done to gain His pleasure? 
  4. If people start calling you nicknames, just don't mind it. It isn't worth minding; you have got better things to do.
Is niqab a barrier to education?
Definitely no! People have a stereotyping that niqab is an oppression, but from my personal experience, I am totally against that. I would tell "Niqab liberates". Because when you cover, you aren't known for your beauty but for your intellect. That's more important, isn't it?
And there comes the matter of security. Yes, I am concerned about my security as much as everyone else. When the need arises to show our face as a means of identification to officers in charge, I would tell it's ok to abide by the law.
الحمد لله I am Proud to be a Niqabi.
Believe in Allah (swt)and trust in His decisions- better things will start treading in your life. Doing things for the sake of Him and leaving some things for His sake will definitely bring success in your life.
With love,
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I don't know what I would do without my favourite Niqab - the same one I've been wearing for years now. Yes I know, it seems Eww-ish but you know, when you get attached to something, it's rather hard to pull yourself away. But mind you, I wash my Niqab very often so there's nothing too Eww-ish about it after all (I guess?)
Anyway, my favourite Niqab can also turn out to make me look like an utterly goofy Niqabi sometimes, particularly seeing as I am a bespectabled Niqabi. What's the big deal with that, you may ask? Well honestly, there's no big deal. It's actually a small deal that I'm trying to make a big deal of so I have something to write about :D
Here's the small deal:

The Misting
I know, I know, 'The Misting' sounds so mysterious but here's the issue. When wearing the spectacles over the Niqab (or in my case, the Niqab over the spectacles - I'll come to that), when I breathe heavily, it starts misting all over my glasses. So I try to wipe my glasses from the front and then slither my fingers under my spectacles, careful not to pull or push my Niqab, and by the time my fingers actually make it this far, voila! the mist would already have disappeared. 
So all in all, the misting isn't that big a deal at all. It lasts for what- 5 seconds? See how small a deal this is?

Niqab over the specs or vice versa?
I wear my spectacles first and then tie my Niqab over that. It's far easier than what my mother does. She gets all ready, waiting for the vehicle to come and when it finally does and all of us have gone past the door, she frantically starts searching for her Niqab (much to the annoyance of my father) and then haphazardly pushes her spectacles through the tiny slit of her Niqab. The final effect? A lop sided Niqab and an equally lop sided pair of glasses. My mother never learns.
So take my advice here. Always, always wear your Niqab over your spectacles. And make sure your Niqab has a wide slit so it wouldn't be too tight. Then, position your Niqab correctly and tie it. That's it. The Niqab tutorial!!!

The Niqab-Spectacle Shower
What if you happen to be a bespectacled Niqabi out in the rain and the rain starts hitting your glasses, making everything blurry? Well obviously there is no windshield for spectacles (hang on a second, I'll Google that)
OH MY GOD, THEY ACTUALLY HAVE THAT! Check this out guys, it's called the Wiper Glasses
So if you wouldn't mind looking silly with these, then buy it. Otherwise, you could, of course, simply take off your spectacles in the rain. You can't see clearly with all the rain anyway so might as well just be un-spectacled for a little... 
This small issue is faced by non-Niqabis as well so it all comes down to this - it's really no big issue at all.
I've been wearing spectacles since I was twelve and I started wearing my Niqab one year after that. So being a bespectacled Niqabi for a good 10-odd years, I think that's all the woes I can really think of. Any bespectacled Niqabis out there, can you think of any more?
So what am I getting at with this post? Wearing spectacles with the Niqab isn't any more difficult that wearing spectacles without the Niqab. It's actually really easy and honestly, I'm kind of glad to be wearing it with my Niqab because, ummmm, it's swag yo.... :D

*       *        *

I hope you enjoyed this post In sha Allah. Just thought of writing something a bit different on the blog for a change. If you want to have a good laugh, go read this LOL-worthy post by my sister. It has some awesome GIFs as well so do check it out- 5 Things You Need To Know About Niqabis
And if there are any bespectacled Niqabis who find it annoying to wear specs with the Niqab, just want to tell you that if it's difficult, Allah knows what you're going through. If He forgives our sins for a small thorn prick, do you think He is not going to reward you for your difficulty, even if it's a small one. So this small deal can actually be a big deal for us on the Day of Judgement In sha Allah when we see the rewards for it :) See, this post might be worth it after all!
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