Sunday, July 2, 2017


Patience will wreck you, break you, kill you from the inside. It will hurt so much that you feel suffocated, drowning in despair, gasping for hope. You will feel like problems are crashing over you like incessant waves and you can't find your way in the darkness. But with your heart in such a state of unrest, turmoil and turbulence, you silence it with hope and patience, knowing that Allah is watching every hurt that aches your heart, every worry that weighs on your mind and every difficulty you are tackling. And so, even though your eyes are stinging with tears, you hold it back with a smile on your face, knowing that just as the night ends and the morning begins and just how Allah brings the dead out of the living, Allah can bring you out of your problems.

So know that for holding onto patience in the toughest of times and hoping for better things even when things look its darkest, Allah is preparing something spectacular for you. Something you truly deserve for your patience, trust and hope in Allah. And when He grants that ease to you, you will realize that all those tears and pleas of your heart in Sujood were not ignored by Allah. He heard you and He always hears you. He only put you through that hardship to test your patience and when you do hold on to patience, then be prepared to be blown away by what Allah has in store for the patient ones. And know that after patience, beautiful things await 🌹💖 
#Sabr#HoldOntoSabr #goodthingsarecoming


  1. Subhanallah sis! Love you for the sake of Allah swt

  2. That's so sweet sister ❤ May the One for whom you love me, love you too 😊