Friday, August 10, 2012


Dua was what saved Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) from being burnt from the fire.Dua was what saved Prophet Yunus (PBUH) from the belly of the fish.
Dua was what brought victory to the Muslims in the Battle of Badr.

Then why is that we still despair in the power of Dua?
Why is that we refuse to believe that Dua can change everything? Why is that we are so miserly when it comes to make Dua? It doesn't cost us anything does it? Then why dont we spend more time making Dua from Allah? Why don't we understand that Allah is not in need of our Dua but it's us who can never do without it.

Have we ever spared so much as a minute to imagine what the Muslims in Burma, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Irna, Afganistan and Africa are going through? Have we ever made the effort of making Dua for them, for asking Allah to ease their worries and give them peace and security? If we can follow every step of a celebrity or sportsman, why is that we cannot follow what is happening to our Muslims brothers and sisters? Why is that we cannot spare a few minutes shedding our tears and crying for the state they are in? Have our hearts become so hard that praying for a fellow Muslim is a burden on us? Subhanallah!

Remember my sisters and brothers in Islam, our Duas can be the means of salvation for the Muslims sufferings and our tears can be the means of victory and peace to them from Allah. Nothing can be too difficult to be answered by Dua and nothing can be impossible when you cry to Allah with sincerity and ask of Him only. During these last few days of Ramadhan, allocate at least five minutes to pray for the state Muslims are in. After all, can't we do at least this much of our fellow Muslims. Are we not after all one family? Should we not feel the pain of another Muslim or are we so preoccupied with our ownselves that making Dua for them is not worth it?

Remember, you're not doing this as a favour for the Muslims. You're doing it because you have to. 

If you consider yourself as a follower of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), make Dua for all Muslims just as our Prophet (PBUH) made Dua for all of us, cried for us when we weren't even born and prayed for us more sincerely than we pray for our ownselves. Be a Muslim and pray for all Muslims.

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