Friday, August 17, 2012


After awaiting the beautiful month of Ramadhan with so much of anticipation, we just have a few hours/days left. Subhanallah, how time has flown! It seems as though it was just a few days back that we sighted the crescent moon to mark the beginning of Ramadhan, and now, it's almost over. There's one thing looking forward to Ramadhan, and there's another dreading its end....

We made so much of plans for Ramadhan, made so much of Dua, changed ourselves, our attitudes, our way of thinking and behaviour, and I know that keeping it up is going to be difficult. I know that we've been able to achieve so much because the Shaytan have been chained up, but can we continue it afterwards? Can we be what we have been this Ramadhan for the rest of the year?

- We stayed away from watching movies this Ramadhan. 
- We stayed away from listening to music.
- We lowered our gazes.
- We wore the proper Hijab.
- We recited the Qur'an more.
- We prayed on time, together with the Sunnah Mu'akkadah.
- We prayed Tahajjud.
- We prayed Witr.
- We listened and obeyed our parents.
- We helped each other out.
- We cared for the less fortunate and shared our meals with them.
- We learnt to control our Nafs (desires) and gave preference to pleasing Allah and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam). 
- We stayed away from hurting others, arguing, slandering and backbiting (to an extent at least).
-We made Dua to Allah.

The list goes on and it's great to know that we've managed to do things that please Allah Alhamdulillah! Question is: Can we continue it? Can we lower our gazes as much as we did in Ramadhan? Can we avoid music and movies just as we did in Ramadhan? Can we obey our parents as much as we did in Ramadhan? It sounds easy to type all these down, but to put into practice... May Allah help all of us!

So, In Sha Allah, let's all promise that we will TRY as much as we can to continue our good deeds outside Ramadhan as well. Let's all show Shaytan that we aren't weak. Let's show Shaytan that we give preference to Allah over his whispers. Let's show Shaytan that he isn't strong! 

Who's with me?

Note: Please do make Dua for us to carry on with our resolutions, not to lose heart and for us to do only what pleases Allah and His Messenger (Salallahu alaihi wasallam)