Wednesday, December 20, 2017


When I was in the darkness of the womb, You protected and delivered me.
When I was a helpless infant, you helped me grow.
When I found myself entangled in difficulties, You brought me out of it.
When everyone turned away, You listened to me.
When everything failed me, You uplifted me.
When everyone slept by the night, You watched over me.
When I cried, You consoled me.
When I smiled, You gave me more.
When I fell, You lifted me up.
When I was sick and tired, You cured and made me strong
When lost my way, You brought me back.
When I wept by the night, You were right by me.
When I screamed in agony, You mended me.
When my heart was broken, You healed me.
When no one understood me, You understood.
When I was hungry, You fed me.
When I felt hopeless, You gave me hope.
When I felt worthless, You made me feel special.
When I turned way, You still showed mercy on me.

When You gave me this and more, how my Lord, can I ever, ever falter in trusting You? 

"And upon Allah let those who trust place their trust in" 💕


  1. Aslamualikum sister! I want to start wearing niqaab this year inshallah when ramadan starts. I am a junior in high school. Perhaps, is there any advice you have for me? I am also very excited but worried. My older sister wants to wear it too, but is hesistant because it is hard to wear the niqaab in America, but I could care less.

    1. She has a few interviews that assist with this matter . However, I will say to stay firm your belief. Everyone will continue to judge you, but make decisions that are solely based on what you feel is write - as well as, what brings you closer to Allah.

  2. Masha'Allah . I cried while reading this, but I know its because every word is true. We often forget that Allah wants us to call on him and ask for things. Thank you for writing this.

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  4. I have been wearing my niqab for a year and half now and I'm loving it الحمدلله!