Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ways to Develop a Daily Relationship with Quran

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The Holy Quran is that one book which conveys the privileged insights of the entire universe, it conveys the messages that Allah Almighty give us. The Muslim community is honored to have an awesome chance of perusing the Holy Quran. Allah is its defenders, and we Muslims are the devotees. To bring the best from this book, you need to peruse, comprehend and apply it in our day to day life. It makes a deep connection with Allah.

Allah says it: “Undoubtedly, We sent towards you a Book in which there is glory for you. Have you then no wisdom?” (Surah Ambiya: 10)

Since The Holy Quran is the best sores of knowledge for not just Muslims but everybody, so here I have made a rundown of few ways that will create a daily relation of yours with the Quran, please observe:

Make your heart clean

In order to have a stronger bond with Allah and His Holy Book, you must clean your heart as this is the first step that you should take. If your heart is clean, you don’t have any bad things in your mind, and then whatever Allah says in the Quran will have a great effect on you. This is
one of the few things that you must keep in mind before recitation of the Holy Quran.

This is how you should take your first step towards getting close to Allah and making Quran your routine. Quran itself will help you in this, as it minimizes all the bad stuff and cleans not just the heart but the soul of the one who is reciting it.

Perform Ablution

Ablution is generally considered great for physical health and mental arrangement. It alerts your mind that you are not perusing simply one more book; you are going to interface with Allah Almighty, so being perfect ought to be a need when speaking with Allah.

Not just recite it, read the translation too

You must learn Quran in the Arabic language, but you should understand the Quran as well. It is a proper code of life. The beauty of understanding the Quran is that Allah the Almighty is talking to you and He is the best of the best, the King of the Universe so whatever He says is, without any doubt, is the perfect thing. We must recite the Quran along with its translation so that it gets easier to remember what Allah has said and that we can live our lives on the right path.

Always remember that Quran is the most interesting book

You must remember the fact that the Holy Quran is the more interesting than any other worldly activity. It is that one thing which provides sheer solace and will relax your heart and mind both.

Surely, Allah’s company is better than all the other things in the world so you must make Quran a regular part of your routine and it will make your daily relationship with the Allah stronger.

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