Friday, August 12, 2016


So, it's just over a month since Ramadhan has departed and yet, it feels like an age ago. To be honest, this has probably been my worst post-Ramadhan ever. I have never missed the month so much! :( 
During Ramadhan, SubhanAllah, I was so happy. I think my soul was happy, which naturally made me happy. I read this post online that goes somewhere around the lines of "Do you know why you are so happy in Ramadhan? It's because your soul is doing exactly what it's meant to be doing, that is worshiping Allah". That is so definitely true and I'm sure most of you'll can relate to this as well. Not for a single moment in Ramadhan did I feel bored, depressed or any negativity for that matter. There was just one focus and that was worshiping Allah. No wonder I was so happy.
And then, Ramadhan ended and there came all the negative thoughts that washed over me like this huge tidal wave. We have given Shaytan so much of power over us that we allow him to dictate our thoughts and moods without trying to fight back ourselves and this naturally leads to a pit fall. 
I'm not saying depression or sadness or worry is a bad thing. It's natural but we should not allow it to dictate our lives. Why is that we had so much of hope and life in our Duaas during Ramadhan but now, we feel like Allah is not even listening to us. If you do feel that way, and I'm saying this to myself first, it's because we have gone far away from Allah. Allah is the same merciful Lord as He was in Ramadhan but are we the same obedient slaves to Him as we were in Ramadhan? Allah is still there with us, He still descends to the lowest heavens every single day during Tahajjud so that we may ask Him whatever we want and that He gives it to us. And what are we doing during this time? Sleeping. If we feel so low and depressed, then it's our own fault.
Sometimes the only way you can get out of all this is by just talking to yourself. Constantly remember and remind yourself that Allah is always there with you, ready to answer your Duaas but are you ready to talk to Him? Remind yourself that Shaytan wins us over by making us depressed where we start questioning what Allah has decreed for us and when you feel this way, remind yourself that accepting fate is part of faith. Good and bad both come from Allah so ask Him to enlighten and inspire you. Ask Him for strength to overcome Shaytan and your own nafs. 
If you miss Ramadhan and you want to feel that spirituality you felt during that month, then do some things that you did during Ramadhan. Recite the Quran, at least 2 pages per day. If we could recite 2 entire chapters a day during Ramadhan, then 2 pages isn't a huge deal, is it? It might take anywhere around about 10 minutes, at the most. Also, study the Tafseer of the Quran. There are plenty of free resources online where you can listen to the Tafseer of the Quran so dedicate an hour a day for this as well, In sha Allah. (You can listen to it on Youtube where Ustaad Noman Ali Khan is teaching the Tafseer of Surah Baqarah. It's amazing, SubhanAllah so listen to it). Pray your Sunnahs and give charity. In sha Allah, your soul will be content and you mind will feel refreshed.
We need to re-connect with Allah. And that shouldn't be something we do only during Ramadhan. Push yourself to worshiping Allah with humility and submissiveness and see for yourself if your soul doesn't rejoice at that.
May Allah make every day of our lives an opportunity and a means to come closer to Him. 


  1. Amin. Jazakullahu khair ya ukthi. This article came at the perfect time for me.

  2. My beloved sister
    The "to Go" médication for this is pondering upon the names of Allah. For this I highly recommand you the vidéo of Boona Mohamed 99 names, and the ex planation of these by br Mouhamed Tim Humble (youtube also)
    With love
    Asalamu aleykum