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It has been ages since I last updated the blog and with the pre-Ramadhan preparations, I had hardly any time. Anyway, here it is- an interview we had with a revert to Islam on how she found Islam, how her life has changed afterwards, her love for the Niqab and some words of wisdom for Muslimahs in general. Jazakallah khair Ukhty for your time and effort for this interview. May Allah reward you for it!

May Allah make everyone reading this benefit from it, In sha Allah!

How did you find Islam?

Alhamdulillah, Allah subhana wa ta'ala guided me to the right way.
I grew up while my parents never said that there is no god – but also not that there is a god – my fitra wasn't that broken. I always knew that there is a Creator, "God" who knows everything and hears the dua. I prayed to Him, but never was in a religion.
At school we could decide between religions and ethics and I always was interested in religion. Since I was around 14, I started to search for God- in religion.
When I finished my school exams, I was 21 years old and Islam was like my favorite religion with no contradictions but I didn't want to convert to any religion just because I liked it. I wanted to KNOW that I choose the only one religion, which is from God.
One day I was very sad and cried because so many things happened and I wanted to thank God for being there for me but how? I prayed to him like the muslims do with the head on the ground – which I later found out. And then Islam really came into my heart and Allah subhana wa ta'ala gave me signs alhamdulillah.

How difficult was it for you to adjust to being a new muslim?

Actually it wasn't difficult for me, because I didn't had that pressure that many converts have to make everything right and to have to know and to do everything.
I started reading the Quran and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet salalahu alaihi wa salam, and I prayed somehow.
I didn't want to go to lessons in a masjid (after school I moved to Hamburg where many masjids are) because I didn't want to learn something wrong - wanted to know the basics before. After half a year, I get to know some muslims and I went to lessons in 3 different masjids.

What were your greatest challenges after accepting Islam?

I loved the Hijab and I knew that I wanted to wear it some day. When I learned that it is my duty to cover, I did so.
I also haven't got any problems with my family or friends.
What was tough for me was to stop dancing and listening to music. I danced since I was 9 years old and had gigs and so on – and in Hamburg I danced newstyle – my "trainer" was a famous dancer there. But I stopped dancing and some months later I was very proud that I erased every music from my laptop. It was hard – but I was proud to do so for my Rabb.

How do you feel you have changed now?

I'm not hyperactive anymore…. I always had to do sports (next to dancing) to be balanced, but after accepting Islam I calm down – my parents also saw that.
I don't have bad friends anymore – actually it was the first time in my life I really could trust people… my lovely sisters in Islam.
And most importantly – I found Allah and that made me happy and alhamdulillah I changed myself in a better way while following His commands and the example of our beloved Prophet, sallalahu alaihi wa salam.

Tell us about what inspired you to start wearing the Niqab?

I prayed to Allah ta'ala to give me a good spouse and I married alhamdulillah. He travels from time to time fisabilillah and one day I accompanied him. In this time, we tried to practice as much sunnah as we can and I also wore the niqab….. and I fell in love with it.
As non-muslim guys and old men looked at me - when I wore hijab many "brothers" came to me (on the street!) and wanted to marry me or something like that, when I wore the abaya and khimar it was far better – but the non-muslims stared at me.
When I started wearing the niqab it didn't matter who looked, because they can't see me and I felt free the first time. I didn't feel exposed.
For 2 years I wore the Niqab when I went to Friday prayers or to meet sisters to remember Allah ta´ala – and alhamdulillah last year I decided to wear it always.

How do you deal with people who are not supportive of the Niqab?

Well it doesn't bother me if they are non-muslims, but if muslims say something against the niqab I'm always confused… they speak without knowledge about something so special – I mean do they know that they also insult our mothers in Islam?

Well that just shows that they are actually displeased with their own effort for Allah.
May Allah ta´ala give us understanding of His deen and guide us all to Jennah. Amin.

So to answer your question, if the person has a little bit understanding and knowledge I will explain – but mostly I just ignore those words.

A lot of Muslim women struggle to wear the Niqab. Any advice for them?

Yes! In this case (and every other struggle fisabilillah also) Say Alhamdulillah! Because this struggle means Jihad for Allah.
I met women from India and Qatar and they say, that our reward for wearing Niqab in Europe is much more greater! Alhamdulillah.
And to make it easier there is one very successful way: to read everyday Hadith and Quran to strengthen your Iman.
So it becomes easier because you always know you do it for Allah ta'ala and you remind yourself that this life is short and our struggle will be requited.

Words of advice for Muslimahs who don't wear the Hijab?

Please sisters read more about death and live in the grave and hereafter. Just think about what He gives you daily. We are healthy, we live in a peaceful country where we can practice our deen, we've got to eat, we have everything subhanAllah. He takes care of us every second and listens to our problems and hears the duas….. but what do we do?
To wear the hijab is our duty, no matter what everyone else around us thinks – we should worry about what HE thinks.
And we could die in this second – who knows how long our lives will be? And how do you want to stand in front of your Rabb? Your creator? He knows what is in our hearts, and how embarrassing would it be when He looks at you – both knowing that you ignored Him because a handful people who don't really care about you. Our friends are those, who remind us to remember HIM <3

Your favourite verse from the Quran?

SubhanAllah…… that's not easy….. I love reciting Ayatul Kursy because it's a protection against evil and the Shaytan runs away. He annoys me – so I annoy him as well ;)

How do you feel your life has changed after accepting Islam?

Well….. I feel pure, free, balanced, complete… and my life now makes sense… no matter what happens I know it comes from Allah ta'ala and I will be rewarded according to how I react.

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  1. MashAllah sister. I pray that Allah continues to make your life happy and makes the good easy for you Inshallah. I love what you said about Ayatul Kursi, so true...the Quran is a protection and a cure for us yet we take it for granted sometimes. May Allah make us better reciters of the Quran :) x