Monday, October 7, 2013


I heard a very interesting lecture recently on how to maintain your modesty, wherever you are, particularly on social networking sites. It’s common to see men and women free mixing here, private messaging and interacting in a way they obviously shouldn't.  To those who do that, stop and think for a while- Do you think you are doing something that would please Allah? Modesty is a branch of Imaan, and when you talk/tweet to non-mahrams, you are actually lifting your modesty. Allah has told us that if our modesty if lifted, we are fit to do anything. To all of us, isn't modesty a very priceless thing? Are you willing to sell it in the cost of interacting with non-mahrams?

Remember, when a man and a woman are alone, Shaytan is the third person there. When you are tweeting/chatting, it’s obviously between yourselves, so what makes you think that Shaytan will not intrude and create feelings among you that would lead to haraam? We may wear the Hijab/Niqab, but if our walk, talk, voice or actions attract a man, we are accountable for it and if that happens, you are lifting your modesty. If you may not have any feeling towards the one you are chatting/tweeting, can you absolutely guarantee that the other person feels the same way about you? If your messages, even if it be a “yes”, “no”, “Hi” or even a “hmm” attracts a non-mahram, what are you going to say when you stand before Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgement? How are you ever going to justify yourself for talking or attracting a non-mahram?

This is a humble reminder, first to myself and then to the others. Some of us may not reply to non-mahrams, but if they are friends on Facebook or following us on Twitter, our status/tweets would appear on their timeline. How can you guarantee that someone will not be attracted to your status updates/tweets. Aren’t you accountable to Allah for those feelings you created, although it may be unknowingly. What are you going to tell Allah when He questions you about it in front of the entire mankind on the Day of Judgement? Think for yourself.

I know that some of those reading this will find it hard to accept, but please remember that you are accountable for each and every action you do on the Day of Judgement. Isn't the greater Jihaad fighting against your own desires? Do it for the sake of Allah and your sacrifice might be that one thing which may lead you to either Jannah or Jahannam. Allah has told in the Quran that Shaytan makes our deeds fair-seeming to us. Fight against Shaytan and fight against your own self. This is not only for your betterment, but also the betterment for the entire Ummah In sha Allah.

A sign of true Imaan is when you fear Allah, both in secret and in public. It might be hard for us to do avoid this temptation but just think of how happy and pleased our beloved Rabb with be with us. Isn't gaining His pleasure the ultimate thing we all want? If after reading this, you still continue talking to non-mahrams online, or any other form of socializing, remember that doing a sin even after knowing fully well that it's bad is an even bigger sin. That guilt will always be with you. Do this one sacrifice and see for yourself how rewarding it will be In sha Allah. It might be tough, but as time goes on you will see that what you did was actually your duty.

Do it solely for the pleasure of Allah and if Allah is pleased with your sacrifice and effort, isn't that an exceptional honour? Allah will be proud of our sacrifice and He will make it easy for us In sha Allah. For the sake of Allah, please share this so that other might benefit from this too In sha Allah. If this can bring about a change in someone, Allah will reward you for it. May Allah accept all of us. Aameen.


  1. I am really impressed by your every post ... but what i want to ask is that what about twitter ?? On facebook we wont add any non-mehram but on twitter even if i dont follow them ... they will follow me and read my tweets ?? So should i leave twitter ??

    1. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Ukhty!
      On Twitter, you can either privatize your account or have it on your Twitter bio asking for brothers not to follow you. I've seen a lot of sisters do that, and some even block the men who follow them. I know that it takes a lot of will power to do that, but Allah will reward you hugely, In Sha Allah! :)
      Jazakallah khair.

  2. Nice one. I shared it on my facebook. Keep it up, sister.

  3. Sis its a nice post MashAllah, but the part where you said "Isn't the greater Jihaad fighting against your own desires" is actually a false statement taken from an inauthentic hadith..? Kindly look into sis, barakAllahu feeki