Thursday, April 25, 2013


I was browsing through Facebook and I just saw this story. I really had to share it:

A non Muslim woman once barged into a lecture. She was very angry and she was yelling out aloud. She started pointing at the Muslim women, and exclaimed, "Why are they covered?!" 
The speaker said to her, "Well, I see you're covered too. You're wearing clothes and yet you were born naked. Why?"
The women replied after hesitating for a few moments: "Modesty!"
The Shaykh smiled and pointed at her saying 'modesty' and then pointing towards the Muslim women 'more modesty!' 

Kamal El Mekki takes it further but recommends you not to try this for obvious reasons (seriously, don't try it!)
If the argument is that if you're covered, then you are oppressed, and the more uncovered (naked) you are then the more liberated you are. Therefore essentially you could tell a woman: 'Well, I see you're not liberated fully, why don't you liberate yourself some more then?

Transcribed by Fi Allah's Shade from Kamal El Mekki lecture


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