Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's amazing how Allah gives guidance and shows the light of Islam to non-Muslims. I've heard a lot of stories about simple acts of Sunnah and kindness that have inspired people to embrace Islam. Subhanallah, guidance is really from Allah and it's up to us to act in a way that inspires and attracts others to the beauty of Islam. 

So here is one of those stories I heard in Madrasa. You can read my other post about "A simple Sunnah that inspired a woman to accept Islam" here

A husband and wife somewhere in America noticed a group of Muslims eating on the road together from one large plate. Taking it to be unusual behavior, the man and woman approached this group of men who were eating and inquired as to why they were eating this way. (That is, sitting on the floor, eating with the hands and eating from the same plate). The group of Muslims simply said that to eat out of the same plate was a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) and that eating this way helped to create mutual love and unity among them. 

That was all they said, and the couple went home. But this incident just kept coming back to them and both of them decided to eat from one plate as those people had done and see how true it was. Amazingly, after following this Sunnah for a few days, they gradually noticed that they grew in mutual love and affection as those Muslims had mentioned. Amazed by the truth and wisdom behind this simple Sunnah, the couple decided to investigate and research more about Islam, ultimately proclaiming the Kalimah and becoming Muslims. Allahu Akbar!

Isn't is amazing how a simple act of Sunnah can inspire people towards Islam? Dawah needn't necessarily be spread through the mouth; rather, the best kind of Dawah is the guidance you give through your actions. 

Our victory lies in the Sunnah and upholding it will be the cause of our salvation and the cause of guidance in other people too In Sha Allah. Dear Muslims, we are the flagbearers of Islam, and we should be an example to people everywhere. Let your speech, your actions, your attitudes and your behavior invite people to Islam. Be a standing inspiration and guidance to all. May Allah help give us the opportunity of being the cause of another person's guidance!


  1. Ma sha Allah, this is why the best way of showing Islam to others is through our behavior and not through our words, Manal

  2. alhamdulillah i love to read such happy stories about Islam. :')

  3. When my children & I eat out of the same bag of chips, I kind of feel closer, too, I suppose; unless someone gets too much, which happens rather often. Then there's usually yelling about someone getting too much- which can be done using 3 fingers. Lol