Thursday, June 7, 2012


With so many people degrading-or rather trying as hard as they can to degrade Muslim women in the Hijab, our Hijabi sisters do need a lot of encouragement and Hijab haters need to understand the wisdom behind the beauty of the Hijab. So this is one story I'd like all Hijabis, future Hijabis and everyone else to read. 

A Non-Muslim man once approached a Muslim Scholar and asked him why women in Islam had to wear the Hijab, when it seemed to be a form of subjugation and oppression to the rights of women. The Scholar, in reply to this question, took out two toffees from his pocket. He removed the covering of one toffee and threw it onto the bare ground. He then took another freshly wrapped toffee out of his pocket and threw it on the bare ground. He then picked both the toffees and offered it to the Non-Muslim and asked him to take what he wanted. This man, obviously choose the toffee that was covered.

The Scholar then asked him, ‘I offered you two toffees, both of which had fallen on the ground. Tell me why you choose this one.’ 
The man replied, ‘Because it’s covered”.
The Scholar then said, “This is why our women our covered. They are beautifully covered, and just like you chose the covered toffee, our women choose to be covered. You chose the toffee that was unsoiled and protected in its wrapper rather than the one that was open and soiled. It's the same with our women too. They respect themselves and receive their due respect too because they are covered and protected-Not open and soiled for all to see."

NOTE: I can't remember the exact wording of the story because I read it some time back. The general idea is the same though-I've just written it in my own words with a few additions. 


  1. "This man, obviously choose the unwrapped toffee" I guess there a typo here. Shouldn't it be wrapped instead of unwrapped? Nevertheless its an excellent article.

    1. Jazakallah Khair. It was a typo.
      I've edited it now.