Sunday, January 27, 2013


My dear Muslim brothers and sister... it's official: Islamaphobes are pathetic jokers. Here's the most recent example:

Hilarious, isn’t it? Apparently she was hell bent on trying to prove that the Niqab was oppressive and we kept saying that it was freedom in every aspect. It looks like she couldn't stomach the thought that we Muslim women really do love our Niqab and take our modesty seriously and from what we see, they are probably envious about us and our modesty. So here's what she does- she does a gender change! Rather convenient for her… tut, tut, such appalling behavior.. (And we NEVER said anything about "faces are immodest". That's another convenient assumption she made).

May Allah guide her and all other Islamophobes and may Allah make them all see the real beauty of the Niqab and Islam and come to realize the freedom and happiness we Muslim women enjoy.

Aameen Aameen Ya Rabbal 'Aalameen!

And for those who are interested, you can look up on our blog post Why they hate our Niqab 

If you can, do make Dua for those people who are against Islam. May Allah really guide them!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


So, people assume our Niqab to be oppression. Why? Because it covers our faces and oppression- according to them- is probably restricted to not showing the face and being modest.

For everyone who think the Niqab oppresses us, I'd like to ask you'll a few questions. If you think it's covering the face that make us oppressed, what would you call motorists who wear their helmets?

This motorist has his face covered as well and if covering of the face is considered oppression, would you call him oppressed too?

That's one example. Here's another one:
A surgeon, and as most of you would have noticed, surgeons wear a surgical mask- which isn't much different from the Niqab actually. If a surgeon can perform the most delicate of tasks while wearing the mask, why should a Muslim woman's sight or hearing or even breathing be obstructed with the Niqab? If you say covering the face is oppression, would you call a surgeon with a surgical mask oppressed too?

If an entire nation can go around wearing masks to prevent them from catching viral flus and the like, why can't Muslim women do so to save themselves in a different way? Why?

I know that by now, so many questions may be popping up in some of your minds anyway. Let me answer them as well in advance In Sha Allah. You might argue that:

1) The motorist wears the helmet to protect himself from accidents, injuries, etc
Protection is the reason why motorists wear their helmets, right? Well, it's no different for Niqabis too. While they might wear their helmets to protect them from physical harm, we wear our Niqab to protect ourselves and our bodies. We wear the Niqab because the more you cover, the more protected you are and the more respect you demand for yourself. Our protection is a different kind of protection- not of the body but of our dignity, rights and respect. And this is a far greater and admirable form of protection!

2) They don't wear the helmet or the surgical masks all the time
Well, neither do we wear the Niqab all the time. I know that some people think we cover our faces right throughout the day, but they ought to know that we only wear our Niqab when we go out of our houses or when we're in the presence of strange men. If you take it from a surgeon's point of view, they probably cover their faces with the mask more than I do. Does that mean they're oppressed as well?

3) They wear the helmet and the mask because they have to
So do we! We don't wear the Niqab forcibly- get that clear. We wear the Niqab because we have to and because most importantly- because we want to. Just like the motorists and surgeons are asked to wear the helmet and mask, I believe that Muslim women need to wear it as well. And if we want to wear it, no one can question it.

For all those who live under the cloud of assumption that the Niqab oppresses us, please educate yourself on what oppression really is and think twice before calling a Niqabi oppressed.

Note: I'm in no way comparing the Niqab to the helmet or the surgical mask, but I just took it up as examples. And more often, when we portray things as examples, it tends to make things clearer :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


We all know that there are so many people out there who openly detest our Niqab but it’s a comfort to know that there are still a few people who actually respect it.  Here are a few tweets I've got on our Twitter page from non-Muslims and it’s so great to know that non-Muslims encourage our Niqab too. May Allah guide them to Islam and bless them with goodness!

I just remembered a wonderful Niqab experience. It actually didn't happen to me- it happened to my sister but I was there to witness it. We were on our way to my Aunt’s house and there were a few security checkups on the way and our vehicle was stopped.
An army officer asked for the identity cards of all the passengers on the vehicle. While he was checking, he asked for my sister’s ID and after he noticed that she was a Niqabi, he put his hand over the place where my sister’s photograph was. Subhanallah!

What an amazing form of respect he displayed! I’m absolutely certain that that officer wasn't a Muslim and to know that he respected the Niqab and more importantly- the Niqabi… It’s really something worth saluting!

To all those non-Muslims out there who respect our Niqab, we respect you! I pray that Allah guides them to the light of Islam and I make a sincere prayer here that for that amazing show of respect from that army officer, may Allah guide him to Islam and bless his life with goodness!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Bismillahi Rahman Ar-Raheem!

So here's the compilation of what Muslim women from different countries, of different ages and of different backgrounds have to say about the Hijab and what it means to them.

Subhanallah, the response was overwhelming and it's great to know that there are so many strong Muslimahs out there who genuinely love their Hijab! May Allah bless all of you, keep you strong and reward you immensely for your sacrifices and efforts! 

*        *         * 


Here's the response we got on Twitter: 

  •  "My Hijab is my pride & joy. Without it I feel as if I have a big part of my character missing" @The ModestLady
  • "I feel safe and confident with myself :)" @shafynanas
  • "Hijab is a big part of a Muslimah's life. The best thing about wearing it is it show everyone that you're a proud Muslim" @Islam1st_
  • "Hijab is modesty in action. I love wearing something that makes Allah pleased with me <3" @NabilaAbib
  • "Hijab protects me and people show more respect towards me :) Yes, hijab is my pride and saver too!" @ezrarawr_
  • "It's my crown. And my Abayah is my gown. I'm a walking queen who no one gets to see unless I give them permission to." @MkElZahaby 
  • "Hijab has many advantages, And the best thing that I like about it is that it helps you to maintain your modesty." @SalamIamHeyn
  • "It's my protection shield." @SaraAlgohary
  • "When I wear it I feel protected! I have the power to let people see only what I want them to see!" @ukhtizulaiha_ 
  • "It serves as your protection from evil and harmful things.." @SalamIamHeyn 
  • "The Hijaab makes the statement that a Muslim woman is not available and not interested in any advances."~(Dr Bilal Philips) @delegateofallah
  • "My Hijab isn't just a material covering me. Its' my Protection against fitnah. It's my way of Jihad & it guards my modesty all fisabiliallah" @IAmTassnim
  • "The Hijab demands what women deserve: RESPECT" @AmberMedjadji 
  • "One feels protected- & gets to understand Allah's love for us - Thus leading to immense apreciation of the Muslim identity" @MiziShaikh 
  • "I Love My hijab because it's my shield from the dunya, it's my crown that I wear proudly. Its' the way of a true modest muslima!" @bmuslima 
  • "Hijab means representing Allah's order" @lotes25
  • "My hijab is my dignity. I feel naked without it." @DiyanahSani 
  • "My hijab is my pride,it's my identity,it sets me apart from others.. It liberates me" @kabzzzzy
  • "It's a command of Allah- that should be enough. Never felt more free after going in Hijaab. Besides, bad hair days don't exist now" @ayesh309 
  • "Hijab is a protection for me. I wear it to please our creator" @Astridcornelson 
  • "When you wear the Hijab, you obey your Creator." @asmashake 
  • "Hijab sets me freeee =D I'm no slave of society and I only care about what Allah thinks of me and whether He's pleased with me." @DialaBean
  • "It's my identity as Muslimah. I feel so much safer and more appreciated. And it also controls my attitude, words, and behaviour." @marsiany  

Response via mail:

"The hijab actually means everything to me. It's the most amazing covering ever for every Muslimah! The best protection for every women!" -  Fatimah Zahra 

"I love my hijab because it's my protection shield against this world that we live in. It's my modesty. For me it's my life" - Sarah El Gohary

"What the hijab means to me??? Where do I even start? My hijab has liberated me- I feel soo free! I can finally identify myself and my purpose, I know who I am I know who I want to be. And above all wearing hijab makes me feel like I'm a fufilling my deen and a step closer to what my creator Allah ta' ala asks of me. #Alhamdulillah" - Bolanle Adebowale

"Hijaab is the distinctive Islaamic dress whose features have been clearly defined by the beautiful Qur'aan and Sunnah. Hijaab is Imaan, Taqwah, Tahara and a Shield. This path is a straight one that is surrounded by virtue from all sides and attends to the best of moral characteristics, which are increased by the clothing of purity, concealment, and chastity. The determination of many modern societies that women should be uncovered and living immoral lives, is an indication of how far they deviated from the guidance of ALLAH, not only in the Muslim lands, but in all countries of the world. The Westerners may not care about this, and may go ahead and invent more means of immorality without finding any deterrent in their corrupted books. But the Muslims who worship ALLAH by reciting HIS perfectly preserved Book Al-Qur'aan night and day, will never accept such deviance, no matter how negligent and weak they are in their practice of Islaam, because they constantly hear the definitive words of the Qur'aan and Sunnah, warning those who disobey ALLAH and HIS Messenger (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), of the test in this life, and the severe punishment to come in the Hereafter.

"... Let those beware who withstand the Messenger's order, lest some trial befall them, or a grievous Penalty be inflicted on them." [Qur'aan 24: 63]

Hijaab is a high form of worship that is not subject to the opinions of people and their orientations and choices because the One who legislated it is the Most Wise Creator, ALLAH TA'ALA. When ALLAH - the High and Almighty - commands us, HE knows that in HIS command lies our best interest and happiness. Consequently, when HE commands the woman to cover up her modesty, HE knows that in this command lies her happiness, glory and dignity.

Our beloved Messenger (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) so beautifully said:

"ALLAH, Most High, is Heaven, is Ha'yeii (Bashful), Sit'teer (Shielder). HE loves Haya' (Bashfulness) and Sitr (Shielding; Covering)."
A beautiful rose protects itself by thorns and a woman protects her beauty by Hijaab, Subhaan-Allah!
My Beloved Sisters! All I want to befall you is good. My worry about you is what makes me pray, from the depth of my heart, that ALLAH protects you from all evil; I pray to ALLAH to fill your heart with HIS light that never fades, to aid you with enough power with which you can overcome human and Shaitaan, and break their shackles; I pray to ALLAH to free you from the captivity of whims and desires, and to open to you the world of freedom, honour, integrity, and the world of purity and chastity. In'Shaa'Allah, Aameen!!!
My Hijaab, no doubt, is a celebration of my Muslim womanhood and I am proud to be a Muslim woman, Al-Hamdulillah!" - Sister Shahnaaz Bemath

"You asked for our thoughts on what Hijab means to us! I would just like to tell that initially when my brother asKed me to observe hijab, I was defiant.. I used think it was something unnecessary and also thought it would keep me oppressed.. But it proved me wrong as wearing hijab and niqaab made me feel liberated like never before. It became a form of freedom which I regretted not having earlier! I simply love it! I pray to Allah that ALL our muslim sisters realize the significance of it and start observing it, in sha Allah..!" - Farzana R

"My hijab is my suit of armour. It protects me and gives me strength. Its a constant reminder of my duty towards Allah SWT, and of His mercy towards me by blessing me with Imaan."- Zaakiyah

"As I am a grown up, I realise how protected a woman is in her Hijab, and I feel it. A Muslim woman is a slave to only Allah swt. I'm not to show my beauty to men and to fulfill their lusts!
I love my creator. For him I can do anything in sha Allah. I can even lay down my life and I should. Then why shouldn't I just perform a simple command of Him and cover myself?" - 
Ayesha Homaira 

*       *       *

MashaAllah, I loved reading each and every single one of these! I wanted to write about what the Hijab means to me, but what can I say- it's all written here!!! If there's one thing I can say, the Hijab means everything for me. I love every single moment of wearing it and I'll never take if off for anything in this world!!!

Hijabis for ever and ever! :)

Jazakallah khair again for all the lovely contributions! May Allah bless you all!

Note: I had to edit a few tweets because of spelling mistakes, etc. I do hope it's ok.

*Note: If you have anything more to say about what the Hijab means to you, you can still comment below or send me an email on and I'll include it in this post In Sha Allah.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

I want to make a post on "Why I love my Hijab" or "What the Hijab means to me". I'd love to have some of you send in your views and thoughts.
It can be just a single line or two about how much the Hijab means to you or you can write a small paragraph about it. I'll make a compilation of it on this post In Sha Allah!

So, can we have the Hijabis' voices raised? You can send me a tweet, comment on this post or email me on

I'd love to have some small contributions.

Jazakallah Khair!